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Know your Barilla - Pastas & Sauces

Explore all of our delicious pasta and sauce varieties
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Casarecce pasta - It comes from Sicily, a region famed for scenic mountains and plump grapes. Rumor has it that Sicilian women prepare this for their husbands when they want an extravagant gift from them.



Barilla - italian food


History tells us that Tagliatelle was inspired by the hair of Lucrezia Borgia, and was dedicated to her by a poetic and skillful chef on the occasion of her wedding to Alfonso d'Este: no other pasta shape can claim a more romantic origin. Barilla follows this tradition to offer you the Tagliatelle, prepared with a duly rolled dough, rough and porous to welcome and enhance all sauces.

When we say it’s 100% Italian, it really is 100% Italian. And not 99.2% and the rest made in the East. 100% grown-in-Italy tomatoes, 100% traditionally made Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano cheeses. So that saves you a trip to Italy for a taste of authentic Italian.

Barilla Mediterranean Vegetables No Italian dish is complete without fresh vegetables grown in Italy. In fact, most chefs fly in their vegetables straight from Italy, to make sure they get all the flavours right. Luckily, now even you can. This Barilla pasta sauce is made the traditional way with farm fresh Italian veggies and absolutely no preservatives.

Barilla Pennette Rigate Did you know that Penne Rigate is considered the most affectionate of all pastas? The story might sound a bit incredible, but its unique shape accounts for the tale. People say the Penne Rigate with its deep groves passionately hugs the sauces, not to let it go. And this passion is evident in every mouthful of the dish you take. Believe it or not!

Barilla Fusilli Meet one of the greatest Italians of all time – the Fusilli. Born in the southern region of Italy, but raised all over the world, the Fusilli is a legend that has tempted and satisfied pasta aficionados for centuries. What makes the Fusilli a real charmer is its unique ‘fuso’ shape, with its grooves specialised in capturing and holding on to sauces to make every bite truly flavourful.

Vintage Package Design of Barilla's Pasta. {Say Hi! To Design}

Barilla’s Basilico sauce blends fragrant fresh basil with 8-10 fresh Italian tomatoes in every jar. Prepared from an authentic Italian recipe, without preservatives, all these natural ingredients are cooked slowly to create a delicious, thick sauce that hugs your favourite Barilla pasta perfectly.