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Olde America Antiques | Quilt Blocks | National Parks | Bozeman Montana : Cicely Barker Fairies - The Black Medick Fairy

The Black Medick Fairy by Olde America Antiques. The Black Medick Fairy. Cicely Barker Fairies from Olde America Antiques Online.

THE CONVOLVULUS FAIRY - by Cicely Mary Barker | Flickr

This beautiful Convolvulus Flower Fairy Vintage Print by Cicely Mary Barker was printed and is an original book plate from the Book of The Flower Fairies.

Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairy Prints

Phlox Flower Fairy Vintage Print by Cicely Mary Barker, first published in London by Blackie, 1944 in Flower Fairies of the Garden.

Garden Fairy : The Shirley Poppy Fairy by Mary Barker

llustration for the Shirley Poppy Fairy from Flower Fairies of the Garden. A girl fairy stands on tiptoe amongst shirley poppy flowers, shaking the seeds from a poppy head. Author / Illustrator Cicely Mary Barker Date 1990

Cicely Mary Barker - Flower Fairies of the Trees - Guelder Rose Fairies

≍ Nature's Fairy Nymphs ≍ magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries - Snow Ball fairy, Mary Cicely Barker

Alphonse's Room: Cicely Mary Barker - Autumn Fairies

Wayfaring Tree Flower Fairy Vintage Print, Cicely Mary Barker--printed – The Wayfaring Tree Flower Fairy is one of Cicely Barkers Autumn Flower Fairies.