Architetture di carta 3467-o-13002138 – Il Post

Transformation is an elegant origamic architecture-style pop-up paper sculpture by artist Ingrid Siliakus, a perfect handmade gift card for any occasion.

Architetture di carta 3467-orig-15101933 – Il Post

Ingrid Siliakus creates intricate paper architecture using a single sheet of paper carving out the precise designs to form layers of beautifully imagined constructed landscapes.

Architetture di carta 3467-o-282763 – Il Post

Paper Architecture Concert Hall of a design by Frank Gehry. A geometric form has been highlighted in this building as there are some slight curves. The building is also contrasted with the background

Architetture di carta 3467-orig-14394634 – Il Post

Architetture di carta 3467-orig-14394634 – Il Post