Ridiculously Tiny Bows by funsubstance #DIY #Bows

Ridiculously tiny bows

How to BOW, Making a small bow using a fork. For slightly larger bow, use a large serving fork.heck, I may try to find a pitch fork so all my bows will be perfect instead of wonky!


Diy: Easy, Versatile Pallet Coffee Table

A DIY coffee table is a great DIY project to tie in your rustic home decor. These coffee table ideas include upcycling projects, mod podge crafts, & pallets

Art Drops

Cute little DIY memo board. The page is in another language but just looking at it I am thinking painted rocks for the birds and bug with a driftwood rest for them all, on a plain pine board with a cork sheet.picture for idea.

Meeting activity idea that could be used for future gifts or sale booth.

DIY Tic Tac Toe Rocks Activity or Gift. Throw it in your purse to keep the kids busy at a restaurant or give it as a handmade gift or party favor. Tic-Tac-Toe is always a good idea!

Relasé: Orecchini di perline a forma di fiori - i gioielli Fai da Te!

Relasé: Orecchini di perline a forma di fiori - i gioielli Fai da Te!

Sta diventando sempre più frequente la tendenza ad arredare la casa con materiali di riciclo. Ma può essere ancora più divertente realizzare da sé mobili e suppellettili. Reinventando oggetti da buttare, materiali di scarto e cose che in condizioni normali butteremmo, è possibile costruire piccoli mobili come meglio si desidera. A partire da un semplice pallet si possono realizzare tantissime cose. In questo articolo vedrete come costruire un tavolino da salotto porta rivista proprio con un…

As well as specially when you invite someone on coffee you need a beautiful DIY pallet coffee table along with cup of coffee because representation is most.

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