Taormina Sicily a small town on the east coast of the island of Sicily Italy. This is the Greek Theatre with Mount Etna in the background. From both places you have an enormous vieuw and The Etna was such a romantic experience!


Cefalù, a delightful seaside town famous for its long beach of golden sand, the deep blue of the sea and its typical Mediterranean atmosphere with a hint of Arabian mystery, is the most exciting and charming resort in Sicily.

Scala Dei Turchi

Scala Dei Turchi in Realmonte, Sicilia


Granita, pasta di mandorle e molto altro.

Gole Alcantara Parco Botanico e Geologico

Gole Alcantara Parco Botanico e Geologico nel Motta Camastra, Sicilia

Valle dei Templi

See 690 photos from 3107 visitors about architecture, palaces, and almonds. The 12 temples are located on the ridge.