Red simmetry

Item Number: 61408 - This bead left the collection in The power of four working together in symmetry creates a strong framework. Just like in this red bead. Designer: Lise Aagaard Release date: 2010

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Trollbeads: Scarlet Bud Bead - Scarlet buds on the most beautiful intense background. Red is the warm colour of love.

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Trollbeads: Endless Bead, Silver - Endless is a bead which is not a bead, but that which a bead holds and therefore describes a bead's dimensions.

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Trollbeads: Lotus Bead, Silver - The lotus flower appears in the legends of India and ancient Egypt. It is a symbol of light and enlightenment, forged where the rays of the sun meet the pull of the moon.

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good luck bead trollbeads - Google Search

Trollbeads Interesting views of starter bracelet lock. I wish the locks didn't gap so. Always, always, use a safety chain!

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Trollbeads: Freja Knot Lock, Silver - In Norse mythology, Freja is the goddess of love and fertility.

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Trollbeads: Transformation Bead - Take a little tube of silver and squeeze it with your fingers, and you will get this changeable Trollbead. A symbol of life in progress. Please note this Bead is designed with a larger opening to fit all major brands.

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Trollbeads: Etruscan - This bead left the collection in away in the forests of Tuscany lie the holy caves of San Columbano. Here we find an amazing collection of Etruscan art and ornamentation.

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Trollbeads: Frog Bead - The frog awaits a kiss from a fair princess, which will break the witch's spell and turn him back into a prince.

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The small version of the Berry bead is a great bead full of texture & it is retired. This solid cast sterling silver bead is shaped as a forest raspberry.

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Trollbeads: Snowdrop of January Bead - Hidden in the stems of snowdrops is a pearl. Not sure if it's too cold to come out, it sits persistent, ambitious and patient. It is the birth flower of January. The pearl is a cultured freshwater pearl.