Skirt & heels

9 Genius Style Lessons Learned From Jessica Alba: Lesson Every girl deserves to dress up like a princess once in a while. On Alba: Ralph Lauren Collection sweater, skirt, shoes, necklace;

Lino Gown Dress in Black / abito da damigella di camelliatune

Linen Dress Gown in Black / Custom Long Bridesmaid Dress-Really? Does anyone want to see their bridesmaids in trash bags?

Issey Miyake Origami Skirt (Black Luster) More

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professional style in a maxi skirt

Ruched sweater wrapped at waist with long skirt with pockets, top with a big flower on sweater, and a crisp white shirt underneath - college, work, office Great way to turn my maxi skirts into fall clothes.

Gonna lunga, come indossarla in inverno

Time to jump on the maxi skirt band wagon. big sweater, long skirt, little vest, Chanel bag Zanna Roberts Rassi, Senior Fashion Editor Marie Claire

Tutu de ville

How to trend the ballerina style