think this is too cute and would be awesome in kitchen window

Now I'll be obsessed with buying tea tins. Won't drink it but live a nice tin. LOL Tea containers to plant herbs for the windowsill in the kitchen.

Take advantage of all the rocks already in your yard.

13 Creative DIY Garden Marker Crafts

Garden markers add personality to a garden and help you remember which row is tomatoes and which is peppers. Gather (or purchase) river rocks, some paint markers (pick up Sharpie brand at The Home Depot) and create these cute river rock plant markers.

Lasagna Raisedgarden Bed.

30+ Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Tra i vari metodi e le varie tecniche di coltivazione una delle più versatili e adatta a qualsiasi tipo di impianto è la coltura su letti rialzati. Si tratta di uno stile di giardinaggio veramente …

Veggie Garden - Should You Start One? Fresh vegetables are more than a good reason to grow a garden, don't you think? Why start a veggie garden?