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my daughter wants to do this too! She didn't even know what the clothes pins were! ;)
Para mi peque con amor: Lata y tapes
Pannello sensoriale Montessori (fai da te): occorrente e istruzioni.
Didò fatto in casa, la ricetta facilissima per fare la pasta modellabile per bambini. Morbidissima, anche nella versione gluten-free.
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giochi montessori fai da te
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Perfect activity for fine motor skills, which happens to be my family goal for the week!
Цветные ленточки. Развивающая игрушка своими руками
De opening van de verpakking van vochtige doekjes kan je gebruiken om op een houten plaat te hangen en er leuke materialen in te verstoppen. Wat ons betreft lijkt dit alvast een leuk voelbord voor de kinderen in jouw opvang!
3 of 10 fine motor skills for babies and toddlers----"REALLY all this photo shows me is 1-his mommy drank a lot of wine 2-she never got those Pinterest wine cork projects done".-Amber =)
SC5.1:  Demonstrate scientific curiosity.  Zippers will keep a child busy for a long time.  They will increase their fine motor skills and transfer what they learn to dressing themselves later.
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Make this wheel.. Maybe with some felt Velcro shapes instead to stick to the wheel
Fatto a mano colorato sensoriale libro per bambini. Grande divertimento per qualsiasi bambino.
 Ball Drop  I saw this on Pinterest and when we put together a playroom for boy for Christmas, my husband helped me make this ball drop using pvc pipe. I put different colored tape around the top of each to match the colors of the ball pit balls we have, so that we can eventually use this to work on identifying colors too!