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My love for Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, trigged within me the need to express its beauty,art and culture in a trilogy dedicated to my wantderings... La bellezza dei paesaggi naturali, artistici e culturali dell'Italia, che considero il Paese più bello del mondo, mi ha abbracciato insegnadomi il gusto per i dettagli.

Rivolgendosi al lettore col suo accattivante sorriso e col suo inconfondibile stile, Barbara Athanassiadis lo invita a seguirla, la prende delicatamente per mano e lo guida attraverso i canali, i rii, le piazze della città lagunare, attira la sua attenzione sulle sue bellezze naturali, sulle straordinarie opere artistiche, che hanno reso Venezia una città unica al mondo.

«...Je respirais l’Inde d’une autre époque… Une symphonie de diamants azurés, de saphirs bleu foncé, de rubis au sang du pigeon, de perles roses et d’émeraudes vert foncé, la plupart agrémentés sur des joyaux en or… comme dans les contes de Mille et une Nuits.»

The Jewel in the Crown of England in the 19th century, today India spreads its shine on the Globe. A feast of colours, landscapes and works of Art; a mosaic of ideas and people that bear the stamp of its ageless wisdom. Everything in superlatives in the Indian world, seen through the alteration of contrasts: another order, both subversive and charming to the gaze of the traveller.

Πετράδι στο Στέμμα της Αγγλίας τον 19ο αιώνα, σήμερα η Ινδία απλώνει την λάμψη της στην Υδρόγειο: με πανδαισία τοπίων, χρωμάτων και έργων Τέχνης, ψηφιδωτό ιδεών και προσώπων που φέρουν τη σφραγίδα προαιώνιας σοφίας. Τα πάντα σε υπερθετικό βαθμό στον ινδικό κόσμο –ορίζουν απ΄την εναλλαγή των αντιθέσεών τους- μιαν άλλη τάξη πραγμάτων, ανατρεπτική και γοητευτική στη ματιά του ταξιδιώτη.

On board, wrapped in a delicious atmosphere. A cruise on the Aegean and Adriatic seas with the jewel cruise ship OCEAN MAJESTY, and the passion of a traveller looking beneath the surface of what most people see. An attractive atmosphere and a wonderful hospitality meet the magic of Southern Europe’s natural beauty, sealed with the splendour of its civilizations.

Reise in den Gewässern der Ägäis und der Adria mit der "OCEAN MAJESTY", einem Juwel der Schifffahrt, und die Leidenschaft des Reisenden, tiefer zu blicken als die, die nur die Oberfläche sehen. Reizvolle Atmosphäre und hervorragendes Service verbunden mit dem Zauber der Natur und dem speziellen kulturellen Flair von Europas Süden.

Ταξίδι στις θάλασσες του Αιγαίου και της Αδριατικής με το κρουαζιερόπλοιο-κόσμημα “OCEAN MAJESTY” και το πάθος του ταξιδιώτη να βλέπει πίσω απ’ όσα απλώς κοιτούν οι περισσότεροι. Ελκυστική ατμόσφαιρα και έξοχη περιποίηση συναντούν τη μαγεία του φυσικού κάλλους και τη σφραγίδα των πολιτισμών στον νότο της Ευρώπης.

Having lived in Italy for 25 years, a tender smile etches itself upon my lips. “Just a smile?” you may find yourself asking. Yes, but that smile is the result of thousands of images that have remained alive in my memory, as if the quarter century that has passed was only yesterday. The smile also happens to best express the extreme sentimentality which, from within the three books of my trilogy, takes on the semblance of an airy dance.

È dall’ Italia che il viaggio nel mondo delle mie Grandi Bellezze comincia. Dopo 25 anni vissuti in Italia, un dolce sorriso mi si abbozza sulle labbra. Soltanto un sorriso? mi chiederete. Infatti. Un sorriso nato dalla presenza di migliaia di immagini che dopo un quarto di secolo trascorso in un soffio continuano a restarmi vivide nella memoria. Ma si tratta anche di un sorriso frutto della estrema sensibilità che attraverso i miei libri, assume la forma di una danza leggiadra.

My Venice is the third and final book left to complete her unique literary trilogy that approaches time and place and people, in the past and in the present. Without directing our steps, the author transports us through the canals, the narrow streets and the squares of Venice, and she focuses our attention on works of Nature and Art, drawing on legends and historical omissions.