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White Cliffs of Dover

Cliffs of Dover, UK Sailed from the cliffs a few times. One ferry crossing I remember clearly as it was with our daughter. We took a step back on time remembering her Granddad and my father-in-law being in that area during the war. A surreal moment!

Aurora Borealis in Finland

culturenlifestyle: “ Rare White Curtain Auroras Seen Over Finland Behold stargazers, this is not an art installation. These are actually stunning white Northern Lights in Finland. The stunning Aurora Borealis resemble a white curtain, which seems to.

Lincolnshire, England

The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln. Seat of the Bishop of Lincoln, Church of England

Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris

For some reason everytime I listen to this part of kiss me by Ed, I imagine him sitting behind a buch of computers stalking his fans. After saying that, I feel insane. Oh well!<<<<That though, Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran

Christ of the Abyss- Underwater statue on the Italian #Riviera between #Camogli & #Portofino

Christ of the Abyss at San Fruttuoso, Italy . // Christ of the Abyss is a submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christ, the original of which is located in the Mediterranean Sea off San Fruttuoso between Camogli and Portofino on the Italian Riviera