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Handbags & Wallets - Handbags & Wallets - Das perfekte Accessoire findet ihr bei uns: www. - How should we combine handbags and wallets? - How should we combine handbags and wallets?

Cool graphic design

re cover magazines illustration oldskull 5

It's all about the beanie.

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Morning Sun through an alley at Montmartre, Paris - France. I'd like to walk the streets of Paris like Gil in "Midnight in Paris" and have a coach stop and take me back in time.

and paris...

The romantic hotel, Le Tourville, Paris. And it's a real key, not one of those plastic cards. Now that's romantic.


Loved when they turned the sparkle on. I never knew it could sparkle until we went to Paris.


Paris ferris wheel with Eiffel Tower in the distance


my dream place to visit!


Beautiful evening, nice time to drink a cup of coffee in a cosy cafe.


A place I wouldn't mind visiting parisian tatooine / elena vidor