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many different types of logos are shown in black and white, including one that has the letter
Logos & Marques 2010
Logos & Marques 2010 by Socio Design, via Behance
a large collection of logos and symbols in black and white, all with different shapes
Best Logo Designs from 20 Years by Peters Design Co.
an open book with black and white graphic on it's pages, showing different types of logos
an open book with black and white illustrations on it's pages, showing different geometric shapes
three green banners with arrows and the words viro - victicaa on them
Bookmark Logo Variations - Virovitica Library
Bookmark Logo Variations - Virovitica Library by Maglica Studio on Dribbble
a large number of different shapes and sizes on a white wall with black dots in the middle
the logo for an art gallery, with black and white letters on it's side
the logo for tea and honey, which is designed to look like blocks with words written in
Brandmoose: I will design custom professional logo for $15 on fiverr.com
the logo for museum fotorafa contemporae, which is designed by person
Spence95: I will create modern minimalist and luxury logo design for $5 on fiverr.com
an image of the cover art for varieve kelta's album
Pragma architecture
a black and white photo of the letter t
the logo for noor architecture studio, which has been designed by person and is black and white
Studio Marco Piva