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a wooden table topped with two different types of art brushes and a stone statue behind it
five wooden sculptures depicting men sitting on logs
a wooden mannequin standing on a marble base
French Carved Wooden Reticulated Artist Mannequin
a blue sculpture is sitting on a black surface and it looks like the face of a woman
a sculpture of three people holding their hands together
an old statue is sitting on a wooden stand with its hands resting against it's face
a wooden mannequin is standing on a table next to some papers and pens
an artistic sculpture is shown against a black background with red, yellow and green accents
Gaelle Weissberg
an old shaving brush is mounted to the side of a rusted metal wall
a wooden shelf filled with books and figurines
a wooden figure sitting on top of three books with one leg up and the other hand resting on it's head
a painting of a hand holding a bag with blocks spelling art and letters on it
Artist Jorge Alberto | Principle Gallery, Alexandria