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Felt Prickly Pear Cactus
This Felt Prickly Pear Cactus is a great project for all skill levels. However, it does require some embroidery know-how, so we suggest brushing up on your stitching skills if you're feeling a bit rusty
the instructions for how to make a paper plant
Felt Prayer Plant
someone is holding a paper flower in their hands with scissors and pliers on the table
Paper Flower Tutorial: Button Dahlia - YouTube
Felt Spring Bouquet
a white flower with green leaves on it
Losse bloemen - Viltbloemist
two pieces of felt that have been made to look like leaves
6 tips for more realistic felt leaves
How to Make an Elegant Rose Felt Flower | Marisa Home - Crafts
some red flowers are in a vase on a white brick wall with the words diy felt hibiscus
DIY Felt Hibiscus | Tutorial Membuat Bunga Kembang Sepatu dari Flanel
DIY Felt Plant - Caladium | Caladium Red Star | Tutorial by ID Crafts
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
Felt Leaves - Felt Monstera Leaves || Daun Monstera (Janda Bolong) dari Kain Flanel
two vases with blue flowers in them and the words hyacinth felt flower
Hyacinth Felt Flower | Felt Hyacinth || Bunga dari Kain Flanel | Flor de Fieltro
cut out shapes to make the shape of a heart and two leaves for valentine's day
Творческая мастерская Эльмиры Мингалеевой.
a green plant in a white vase with the words monstera written above it
#DIY Interior Flowers - Monstera Deliciosa From Felt Fabric | S Nuraeni