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Ceremonial Magick: A Table of the #Enochian #Alphabet.

In Edward Kelley, the alchemist and close compatriot of John Dee, allegedly channeled the ur-language of the angels, which was spoken prior to the fall of mankind and the linguistic cataclysm of the Tower of Babel. He called the angelic language Enochian:

Old School RPG Maps | Feng Zhu Design

This is a lovely piece of illustration - but the style gets in the way of the information, so it's actually quite a basic map - all you can see is the relative placement of a few key locations.

D&D Draconic script

Many of the Tabletop Games, such as D&D, have created their own complex languages for use with the games. So not only do most gamers have to learn the lexicon of the gaming culture, they also have to learn an all-new orthographic system as well!