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Funny pictures about The Coolest Bunk Beds. Oh, and cool pics about The Coolest Bunk Beds. Also, The Coolest Bunk Beds photos.

diy build a barn door | How to Build a Sliding Barn Door (page 2 of 2)

How to Build a Sliding Barn Door - DIY Barn Door

Stand the door on the shim and, with a helper, lay the wheels on the track, noting the correct locations for the final lag bolts from the strap to the door.

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Hide by by An electrical outlet that hides the plug, it blends completely into the wall to hide unsightly plugs and outlets. Too bad this is made for European power! Love the design.


DIY Interior Sliding Barn Door on Closet or Bathroom. Would b good for in the barn and having a restroom

30 Fabulous Corner Bunk Bed Ideas If I ever get that lake house or beach house!