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HoloVision could pave the way to such a future, where this Kickstarter project claims to deliver a free-floating, life-sized image that will hover eight feet from its projector. Bear in mind that the Holovision effort, despite being life-sized, would not be able to interact with you or another person since all images projected cannot turn “physical” so to speak, leaving such imaginations to the fanciful world of Star Trek and its Holodeck.

Life-Size Holograms for Your Living Room Are on the Horizon We've seen holograms in Star Wars and Star Trek and other Hollywood films. But now, life-size holograms could eventually be a reality in your own living room.

Solar concept:  "Created by L.A.-based firm Synthesis Design + Architecture, the "Pure Tension" concept is essentially a giant solar panel that can recharge the Volvo V60's batteries. What's so special about it? It folds up to fit in the car's trunk."

Volvo's newest vehicle, the wildly-popular plug-in diesel hybrid is poised to make its debut on the Italian auto show circuit. Read more: SDA Unveils Gorgeous Solar-Charging Canopy for the Volvo Plug-in Hybrid

A teleporting fridge

But teleporting? Well the fridge's designer, a Thai student called Dulyawat Wongnawa reckons 'In the next 90 years, we will see a lot of technologies that today we think are completely impossible. Even though my teleportation concept might sound far-fetch