Lawyer Barbie    P.S. I think math is hard, and I am dying to become a prosecutor.

Lawyer Barbie - she went to law school, not math school

Law school

dreaming of the lawyer life

(which is why, should your ego want to fight injustice wherever it sees it, you'd better beware, as the toll on you is going to be huge!) -william gaddis

how we lawyers feel sometimes.


What does a lawyer voice sound like?

I hope to call myself one someday.


yes I am a lawyer


i'm not a lawyer but its still funny for all my lawyer friends:)

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# attorney# and i love your craziness my dear lawyer lover# by the way does this mean that you could take my case?

Lawyer Parents

Lawyer Parents

Lawyer nicknames

Funny Lawyer Nicknames and Synonyms Office Poster

T-shirt for law school grad

Become an attorney :)

Lawyer prayers

Disclaimers to lawyer prayers

Abogados De Bancarrota En California

Abogados De Bancarrota En California

Could not be more true!  Thatcher Law

To learn more about the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys, please…

What do you call a lawyer who doesn't know the law..

Joke what do you call a lawyer who doesn't know the law. A judge. but not all judges are lawyers.

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When people read a couple fb posts and think they are a lawyer