decoração de unhas com flores e francesinha

Unhas decoradas francesinhas

Unha de noiva

The base is a little milky for my taste, but otherwise, these are just about perfect!

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Sweet Cotton Candy Nail Colors and Designs

pink-base clear nail polish with little glitter

Give more focus on your flower design and keep it as realistic as possible. Then keep the base a pink-base clear nail polish with little glitters.

Unhas Decoradas 2016

Unhas Decoradas 2016

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White, Blue, Gray Nails

オールシーズン/パーティー/旅行/フット/タイダイ - Sawaのネイルデザイン[No.1983494]|ネイルブック

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春/夏/海/リゾート/ハンド - Lehua(レフア)大木萌子のネイルデザイン[No.1618616]|ネイルブック