A new old camera in my collection: Exakta Varex 2b , a masterpiece of mechanics and design from east Germany , made from 1957 to 1963. A different version of Exakta Varex was used in the Hitchcock's movie 'rear window'

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Zorky 4, one of my favorite Soviet rangefinder camera, I love its design and materials. This camera was built in 1967, 50 years after the Russian revolution, this is what the logo means.

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A classic folding german camera, Zeiss ikon Simplex dated 1928, one of the oldest cameras in my collection. It could be closed to be more compact and portable. I shot a roll with that and it works perfectly!

Don't make me angry, or I'll shoot you!!! ;) of course this is not a gun but it seems to be. The Photosniper kit is a Russian product of the Soviet era, it was designed to give a gun's stability for nature and wildlife photography. The kit is composed by a Zenit 12s reflex camera, a Tair 3s 300mm f4.5 lens and a gun-like support..this is surely the weirdest "camera" in my collection!

A small and beautiful Italian box camera, Filma was founded in Turin in 1935. Unfortunately the film's format is not available anymore (127 film type) and I couldn't try this little beauty.

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