Victoria saddle bags

in love with this leather bicycle seat cover with saddlebag unusual turquoise bike seat

John´s Phone, el teléfono más sencillo del mundo.

A simple unlocked phone. It features a numerical pad, ear buds and a notepad with pen.

Mejor Android, buena pantalla, comodo, bonito y buena interfaz. Pero mejor no actualizar el software po que luego va algo mas lento.

Syncs with my laptop way better than the apple thingy.

No sólo pra cargar el movil

Une Bobine charger is a phone cable that has the strength and flexibility of a tripod

Plegable genial, sin cadena.

This is going to be my big expensive Dutch souvenir. Three and years in Holland and all I got was this folding chainless Dutch bicycle!

Zooka, altavoces bluetooth.

Zooka, altavoces bluetooth.

Guantes manos libres. Microfono y altavoz incorporados. Yo quiero uno de esos para el invierno.

ThinkGeek :: Bluetooth Handset Gloves :: Call me! * Warm and comfortable capacitive-touch gloves with a Bluetooth headset built in! * Talk on the phone by extending your thumb and pinky-finger. * Talk to the hand!