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Author A.B.Whelan: Book Giveaway: 14 Days to Die and Sharp Objects

Whelan: Book Giveaway: 14 Days to Die and Sharp Objects

L A Fitness - Not A Confidence Booster

this time, to the side of LA Fitness.

Ortega Highway - Ca State Hwy 74

“You’ve never been on Ortega Highway?” the alcohol-dazed Bruce yells into my face around three in the morning.

Off The Ortega Highway- Feeling Sexy, And Special Is Not Entirely A Privilege Of The Young.

Bruce gives me a look that reaches into the depths of my heart. I start breathing heavily. “See you boys at Tony’s.

St. Martha Catholic Church

Father Gregory stands up and offers me his hand. I look down, ignoring his offer. I’m not here to shake hands and make friends. I have sins to confess.

St. Martha Catholic Church - Where Sins Are Confessed Or Not

Now, on my knees in Saint Martha’s confessional booth (which is really a room not a booth), where the air smells strongly of disinfectant, I think back about my

Harveston Community

Harveston Community