Atelier Zafari.Architecture | apartments and townhouses 46 LED dans placards et plafonds pour structurer l'espace

wall and concrete ceiling - breakthrough the concrete to insert lightning stripe - gives rythme elegance to the corridor // apartments and townhouses 46 by Atelier Zafari Architecture

Flos: Moonline - Google Search

Flos: Moonline light strips inset into walls

Sorgenti LED Linaires to difuse light by Microfile Lucifero's

Slot lighting idea - Linear LED sources for direct diffused lighting emission Microfile Lucifero's

Chris Fraser

Chris Fraser utilizes a modified camera obscura to create brilliant light beam art.

LaPetiteGrosse voit les choses - Agence Creation Communication Paris: juillet 2011

POP Austin will proudly introduce a completely original work by renowned light artist Carlo Bernardini at the 2015 "Illumination" Show coming this October Tickets available on link in bio section

Client / Flab Prod for Canal+ Concept / Design & Creative Direction : NAKED © Produced by NAKED ©  Credits Directors: Patrick Delobelle, Quentin&Julien With help of Julien Bloch Flab Prod: François Benichou & Laurent Armillei Music: The Avener

Le Grand Journal, Canal + Directors and Designers : Julien & Quentin , Patrick Delobelle Production : Naked Co

L’artiste italien Massimo Uberti crée des installations de lumières avec des néons qui ressemblent à des dessins de structures ou d’objets en volume dans l’espace.

Les dessins de lumières de Massimo Uberti

massimo uberti sculpts neon light for bentley elements at design miami/ 2014

Space Light – Créations lumineuses de Carlo Bernardini

Space Light – Créations lumineuses de Carlo Bernardini

Carlo Bernardini Field of organic light 2010 Optic fibers installation interior/exterior

La réalité augmentée pour les Google Glass selon Blippar

Augmented Reality UI could be interesting for HUD and spatial UI elements.


Nice use of graphics interacting with footage.

Employee Advocacy : avec Ambassador, faites de vos Collaborateurs des Am...

Employee Advocacy : avec Ambassador, faites de vos Collaborateurs des Am...