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5 seconds of Summer wearing our Spier Bomber, Kay Michaels Quilted Biker and Rider jackets! Thanks guys!


guitarist Luke Hemmings reveals their biggest secret to success and their humble beginnings. They are currently touring for "Sounds Live Feels Live.


ALL THE TIME <<< I was reading this and I was like fuck this is true then I saw the eating a banana on the toilet and I just don't know how to handle that


puberty hit him harder than that bus hit Regina George.

this would so happen<<And then you have cal face palming>>> does anyone notice that this is from spongebob?>>>yes>>Michael your scaring him

this would so happen<<And then you have cal face palming<<< guys. It's a spongebob reference. But it is a spongebob reference.

When Luke turns 19

For that special band member! The best thing ever! I literally do two things everyday homework and be a fangirl.