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salmone affumicato con avocado in salsa di lime

salmone affumicato con avocado in salsa di lime


Kids could make a raft or float! :) A different way of recycling plastic bottles. Here, a boat is made entirely of plastic wrapped bottles drawn into the shape of a boat. Even a front and rear seat have been made entirely of wrapped bottles.

Lo Zeer è un dispositivo di raffreddamento naturale, quindi un eco frigo molto usato nelle zone rurali dell’Africa e del Medio Oriente,

Refrigerate Without Electricity using clay pots and sand! Makes a portable fridge, cover with wet cloth, when water evaporates, it pulls out the heat making it cold inside. Food can last up to three weeks using this method.

Composizione a soppalco con doppio letto

There are a lot of ways of decorating interior in loft furniture series. From the edgy to softer loft furniture ideas, you’re free to re-decorate your common