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Consultate il mio progetto @Behance: “Great Tennis in Rome”…

Consultate il mio progetto “Great Tennis in Rome”…

Jumping the Grand Canyon! – Little Adventures by Tic Tac® - YouTube

Tic Tacs Are Little Adrenaline Junkies in The Martin Agency's Charming Ads…

Criterion recently shared larger images of the book covers that appear in The Royal Tenenbaums.

Family of Geniuses, by Etheline Tenenbaum, in The Royal Tenenbaum. (Look at Anjelica Huston as Etheline in the film and then look at Joey Ramone.


Steve McCurry holds his 1984 photo of a young woman from Peshawar, Pakistan. "I looked for this girl for 17 years and finally found her in Her name is Sharbat Gula." Photo: Tim Mantoani -famous photographers pose with their most iconic images


“Behind Photographs” is a great project by photographer Tim Mantoani who decided to take pictures of… photographers. For over five years, Tim Mantoani asked famous photographers to pose with their most famous photographs.


Jeff Widener Holds his photo of Tank Man in Tienanmen Square from From :Tim Mantoani has shot over 150 portraits of Famous Photographers with their iconic images in the book Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends.

Sonic Goof.

Image of Sonic Goof Tee

Polish do it better 3.

Polish poster for THE FERRY (Jerzy Afanasiew, Poland, Artist: Marian Stachurski Poster source: Heritage Auctions