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a colorful music note on a black background with multicolored lines in the shape of a treble
a drawing of a wine glass with musical notes coming out of it
Music in a Glass by Pantheryx on DeviantArt
an origami christmas tree made out of sheet music sheets with the words how to make curled sheet music trees
Christmas Craft: Curled Sheet Music Trees
an ornament hanging from a christmas tree with music notes on it's sides
Palline per l'albero di Natale fai da te
donneinpink magazine: Palline per l'albero di Natale fai da te
a sheet with musical notes and symbols on it
an artistic drawing of musical instruments and lemons
Design made in Germany
Jazz, nice
three men are sitting on the street playing instruments
Lentamente muore
Lentamente muore chi diventa schiavo dell’abitudine, ripetendo ogni /giorno gli stessi percorsi ,chi non cambia marca, chi non rischia e cambia colore dei vestiti, chi non parla a chi non con…
a drawing of a man with a hat playing the cello and wearing a fedora
Through the Void
Keith Mallett
an old black and white photo of people playing instruments
Private Site
Sonny Clay’s Plantation Orchestra with singer Ivie Anderson. Melbourne, 1928
three cats sitting on top of a piano with a cat laying on the keyboard in front of them
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ajttk: “ aiyanna- a ” Kampot, Viola Da Gamba, Street Musician, Agnus Dei, Musica
ajttk: “ aiyanna- a ”