Giovanni Bradanini

Giovanni Bradanini

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between table, from reclaimed old growth wood and recycled steel on Etsy, $400.00

MAKING THIS : DIY METAL BASE COFFEE TABLE - COFFEE TABLE, crafting, DIY, Do-It-Yourself, Home, How-To, Idea, Tutorial

Felix Low Foundry Traversa

. According to the Roastery, coffee should be enjoyed unadulterated, and here that means no kids in buggies, no sugar, only a few select cakes and pastries and just one trestle table for laptops.

in the church, good space saver then we can have coffee tables sitting around.

Hopper, Rotterdam #cafe////// Dedicated to deliver superior interior acoustic experince.#pinoftheday///////

I want to open up my own cute little Cafe when I'm older. I have always loved Cafe's and I'm motivated to open my own up. It would just be something simple, and it WOULD serve certain foods, like the Koffee Kuppe (It's a cafe that I loved when I was younger. I lived by it).

Vintage ambiance in restaurant "O Prego na Peixaria", Escola politécnica 40, Lisboa. #Portugal Marble benchtop

The Milton (Melbourne, Australia), Australia & Pacific Bar | Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

Soldier On Cafe by day Oak and Steel Wine Bar by night | Windsor - Broadsheet Melbourne