Like Picasso internazionale scrive di noi! Heavenly Scents by Aromantiche #handmade candles #handmade soaps

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Pesciolini - Gessetti profumati al Limone Glass jar decorated with Christmas fabric and cotton lace. Contains 5 scented fish, plaster, hand-made. to buy:

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Dolcebosco -profumabiancheria- Glass jar with hand painted fabrics in cotton and all natural materials, 9 containing gypsum scented leaf shaped. to buy:

Profuma Ambiente Naturale - Speziato Environment smells in jars of 250 grams. Contains: resin incense, orange peel, cinnamon bark, cloves. Our Environment smells are made completely by hand, with herbs, fruits, flowers, resins and essential oils. to buy:

Sacchettini Rosa, Anice stellata e Arancia Two Scented Sachets handmade with fabrics, lace and ribbons cotton. Contain: Rose buds, seeds of anise Starry, Candied Or to buy:

Fusi di lavanda intrecciati a mano Spindles lavender hand-woven. excellent as profumabiancheria, bombonieri, small thoughts for your guests. Fragrant. to buy:

Bombe frizzanti al Mirtillo set di 2 di Aromantiche su Blomming #bath bombs #natural

Bombe frizzanti Cacao e Cocco set di 2 #bath #natural #beauty

Profumo in Barattolo - Gessi Verbena e Rosa #scented #home decor #spring

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