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malterters300g di cioccolato fondente o 230g di farina o 50g di fecola di patate o 4 uova o 150g di burro o 200g di zucchero o 100ml di latte o 1 bustina di lievito per dolci o 1 bustina di vanillina o 1 pizzico di sale per la crema di farcitura: o 500ml di latte o 50g di amido di mais o di riso o 150g di zucchero o 4 torli d’uovo o semi di una bacca di vaniglia o 200ml di panna montata

Amazing Maltesers Cake Recipe Do you feel like you want to make something to please your taste buds? Why not make your very own amazing maltesers cake! You can give this to your special someone or share it with your friends. Ingredients: For the cake:


Relaxed garden seating Bring wicker furniture alive by using an eye-catching fabric to make a rectangular cushion cover with an easy ‘envelope’ opening. Wicker sofa Oka Large cushion and throw Ralph Lauren


Cornflower in a wheat field. In the past it often grew as a weed in crop fields, hence its name (fields growing grains such as wheat, barley, rye, or oats are sometimes known as corn fields in the UK).

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NATURE I need to get my seashells out so that I can work on turning them into a nice display. Maybe that will be a winter project, though.

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The Holy Spirit has it’s own distinct scent. We are God’s Special Bottle of Perfume. And both believers and unbelievers can ‘smell’ it! ― Diana Rasmussen of Prayers and Promises