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Elena Katsyura /Елена Кацура, 1973 | Still Life / Cityscape painter | Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica |

Elena Katsyura /Елена Кацура, 1973

Daily Paintworks - "Pomegranate, Grapes & Cherry" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Elena Katsyura

Elena Katsyura was born and learned how to paint in Russia, in the country with the old artistic traditions. Russian realistic painters, such as Repin, Serov, Levitan, and French and American impressionists (Monet, Manet, Sargent) have always been her "guiding stars" and she draws inspiration from their works.

Elena Katsyura /Елена Кацура, 1973

"Bright Pomegranate" - © Elena Katsyura love the texture of the paint coming though the image.