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two small children standing on top of a wooden deck next to each other holding hands
three paintings are on easels in front of a pink building
a woman's orange shoes on the ground with her leg up in front of her
a table with an old mirror on it in front of a white tent and buildings
the shadow of a man's head is cast on a wall behind a bed
two people standing on a bridge looking out at the water from behind them is a checkerboard floor
two young children playing with a ball in the middle of an open area while others watch
San Pantaleo
a man and child are walking near boats
Gente di mare
black and white photograph of two people on the beach
Il mare in città
a man holding a child in his arms looking at an art work on the wall
Banksy - il lanciatore di fiori
a man standing in front of a mirror next to a wall with a coat on it
Passi riflessi