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Maya Ubud - Bali, Indonesia

<b> Amankila - Bali, Indonesia</b>

Amankila - Bali, Indonesia

Celebrating Beauty - "Celebrating Beauty" - Seychelles While I feel most comfortable in rough and cold regions of the world I also adore the heavenly equatorial regions. It has something pure. An Adam and Eve feeling in the midst of the Garden of Eden. And while I´m dreaming of this, I'm going to start in winterly mountain regions in a few hours... Prints and licensing available. <a href="">Facebook Fan Site</a> <a…

姬路城 姫路城 Himeji castle - 姬路城 姫路城 Himeji castle 日本 Japan,櫻花 Cherry blossom

Lady in red (2) - I continue a recent series from my Japan photo workshop. You may join me next year at

Shirakawa-go in the green - This place is Shirakawa-go in north of Gifu Japan. (taken at 6:39 AM, 15th May 2013)

deeper shades of blue - under the sea with model Alison Teal.

Tanah Lot (Bali) - null