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an empty hallway with white walls and neon lights
Jourdan Hammond Interior Design
((Open RP- Hadyn)) Wind blowing through my hair and whistling past me, I finally skid to a rough stop. I look around me and see that the nearest door is about 4 corridors away from my original destination. "Damn it," I mutter under my breath, "overshot again." I turn around, ready to take off running again, but bump into you.
the wall is made up of many different colored cubes on it's sides
Life is art, Live yours colour ! Pop art colour | Get Inspired it #raffaelecarrella #raffaelecarrellaarchitect #raffaelecarrellaarchitecture #raffaelecarrelladesign #raffaelecarrellaproject #costruzioni #ristrutturazioni #progettazioni #hotel #residenze #ville #interiordesign #PROLICHT #design #colour #Luce #illuminazione #lampada #inspirazione #wall.
a wall mounted light with eight circular lights on it's face and four circles in the middle
Euroluce, all the very best in the lighting world soon at the 56th Salone del Mobile Milano
the stairs are made of wood and glass
Articles about historic london building gets modern update dramatic staircase on
Black walnut staircase with Tom Dixon pendant lights
the lights are on and reflecting off of the wall
Lum panel | QStudio
Love this color combo, plus how my eye is drawn to the Inside glow. Lum panel, Santiago, 2013
a room with a large metal screen on the wall
The completed installation controls light and opacity between two sides of a room (Infrared)
an abstract image of white lines and squares in the air with light coming from them
Tiffany & Co. | Yabu Pushelberg