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Silvia De Vecchi

"Paint a perfect picture, bring to life the vision in one's mind. The Beautiful Ones always smash the picture. Always. Everytime." Prince - The Beautiful Ones.
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Motya charioteer back

Motya charioteer

Motya Charioteer - Ancient Greek Sculpture at its Finest | The ...

L'auriga di Mozia - Motya's Charioteer I by egisto.sani, via Flickr

The Motya Charioteer, Greek sculpture c. 460 BC

The Motya Charioteer - Greek circa 460 BC / seen here on view at the British Museum in 2012 It was unearthed in 1979 on the tiny island of Motya off the western coast of Sicily close to Marsala where...

The Motya Charioteer, made by a Greek sculptor in Sicily, about 460-450 BC, found in 1979 on the Sicilian island of Motya (Mozia), Winning at the ancient Games, British Museum | da Following Hadrian

The Motya Charioteer (detail) - Dated circa 460 BC

The Motya Charioteer, Greel sculpture, c.460 BC

Fine example of the Greek Art - The Motya Charioteer , winner of a chariot race 2,500 years ago , found in Sicily where the Greek Civilization thrived