Antonello Veronese

Antonello Veronese

Milano / Un sorriso fa sempre bene!
Altre idee da Antonello

1941 Prewar Martin D-45 Holy Grail Acoustic Guitar

Martin D-18 DC David Crosby No 59/250

On the left is the 1952 D-18 Neil Young used on the Freedom album. After those sessions, Young decided he didn't want to use it again. "His guitars are kind of dark sounding. This one has brilliant highs and is my favorite Martin." The '60 Martin D-28 on the right belonged to Bob Dylan. It was one of two D-28s used on the Rolling Thunder Review.

1970 Lamborghini Miura P400S S Berlinetta

1971 Lamborghini Miura P400SV Berlinetta

The Ferrari 330P racer - beautiful and contemporary design by today's standards, but this car was racing in the Sixties!

Mercedes Benz 300SL …

1955 Martin D-28 Natural Acoustic Guitar, Serial # 144523. All original finish with medium nicks, dings and scratches.

Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 - 1964

1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing