I hope that when I have children, that I can have at least one of my little girls do ballet.

Love - to watch Kate dance makes my heart sing!  She is in her own world, just moving through the notes as the move through her soul.

Ballet is a dance executed by the human soul - Alexander Pushkin so true 😀

Tiny Dancer in My Hand by Keely Weis.I miss you so much, sweet girl.always loved dancing with you.


A beautiful Silhouette of a Ballerina behind the vale of a Silk Screen Shadow Dancing - Music in motion.


the messy hair. the hopeful look in her eye. you can tell she really loves dancing around the room with her friends. you can tell shes going to continue this for a really long time. that drive and compassion in her eye. its just perfect.

This is what a lower level ballet class should look like. Notice their hair is up clothes and shoes fit. However they need to loose the skirts.