How to Make Apple Roses 1 rotolo di pasta sfoglia 2 mele Tagliare le mele a fettine sottili ,Sbollentarle con acqua e limone, mettere a colarle Poi tagliare la pasta sfoglia in 6 strisce mettere un po di marmellata e adagiare le mele se si vuole si può mettere un po di cannella chiudere come nella foto e arrotolarle x formare una rosa. In forno x 20 min cirva a 180° appena fredde mettere lo zucchero a velo

I wanna try this apple rose recipe for my friends giving treat!

Оформление нарезок к новогоднему столу


Making cuts to the New Year's table

This Veggie Train Snack is fast and easy to make and so fun for the kids. Don't worry about getting it perfect, the kids will love it!!!

EASY Veggie Train Snack for Kids

This Veggie Train Snack is fast and easy to make and so fun for the kids. Great party food idea for a kids train or transportation themed birthday.

pasta frolla e ripien dolce a piacere


Brioche flowers- easy to make pretty



Masas - Look how beautiful this puff pastry design is!

|Ingredienti:150g Ricotta-75g zucchero-1 Uovo-Sale-6 cucchiai olio vegetale-1 Vaniglia-250g farina-1 bust Lievito.Ripieno: 3 pezzi Mele-100g Zucchero-Cannella. Padding:1 cucchiaio Mac  Ricotta+zucchero+sale+uovo+olio+vaniglia+farina e lievito.Impastare,coprire con canovaccio e lasciare per 20 minuti.Dividere in due pezzi.Stendere con diametro di 24 cm. e spessore 5 mm.Spennellare con tuorlo+latte+semi papavero.Forno 180° per 25 minuti .


dolci con mele e cannella. - - Воздушные конвертики с яблоками

Gingerbread cookie frosting design inspiration ... I always decorate my gingerbread cookies with a peppermint icing.

look at my photos - christmas - christmas cookies - snowflake & ornament cookies

ohhhhhhhh pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Medium Hairstyles For Women Over 40 – Cute Hair Style

Булочки с грушевой начинкой - кулинарный рецепт  Для теста      Мука (в одном чайном стакане 160 грамм) — 2 стак.     Дрожжи (свежие,можно заменить на сухие, уменьшив кол-во до 7 г) — 15 г     Молоко — 150 г     Сахар (с горкой) — 3 ст. л.     Масло сливочное — 30 г     Масло оливковое — 2 ст. л.     Соль  — 0,5 ч. л.     Ванилин  — 1 шт     Яйцо  — 1 шт  Для начинки      Груша — 5 шт     Сахар (ре

РАЗДЕЛКА ТЕСТА. СПОСОБЫ ФОРМИРОВАНИЯ булочек,пирогов и многое другое

Muffins with pear stuffing - recipe

РАЗДЕЛКА ТЕСТА. СПОСОБЫ ФОРМИРОВАНИЯ булочек,пирогов и многое другое

РАЗДЕЛКА ТЕСТА. СПОСОБЫ ФОРМИРОВАНИЯ булочек,пирогов и многое другое

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Milföy güzelliği

again very simple but effective, sweet pastry or savoury


Lekue Decomat Kit

Just place the baking sheet over the stencil, choose your favorite design and fill the decomat with melted chocolate and start drawing.


Watermelon Pops, anguria su stecco

Got us 2 big watermelons at costco.

alberelli di pastafrolla farciti di nutella

Alberelli di pasta frolla farciti di nutella

saplings stuffed with nutella pastry

Biscotti mummy biscotti halloween

Biscotti mummy biscotti halloween


- Composition : dacquoise coconut and pistachio, chocolate cream, chibouste coconut and raspberry jelly. (in Italian)torta caraibi di luca montersino