Tea time

Coffee with friends is time well spent. Snoopy and Woodstock. New Coffee Shop Adventures

Snoopy time

Linus & Snoopy - happiness is a warm puppy and a warm blanket. Thank you Charles Schultz for Peanuts! It is amazing how relevant the humor still is today and I am loving how much my SON loves these cartoons!

Charlie Brown & the little red haired girl. i'm gonna be honest, charlie brown may be why i love red headed girls.

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Abbey Road meets the Peanuts! anamorphic chalk drawing! appears 3D when viewed from certain angles! <3

Universal Studios Japan has Marcie, Lucy, Charlie, Snoopy and Woodstock crossing the street just like the Beatles did for the cover of Abbey Road. But it’s particularly interesting because the designer used perspective to create the unique effect.

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Follow Vintage & Co. https://www.facebook.com/VintageeCo

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Charlie Brown inItalian -Embraces make depression disappear, reduces anxiety and enhances the immune system.