Baby girl in pink heels! Lehman can we PLEEEEASE get a picture of Ester like this? I'll be willing to lend the high heels for it!

So sweet....

Baby's first close-up - sweet newborn photography that's perfect for a birth announcement.

She loves to dance to the ballerina videos, but today, she was one with an attitude.just a teeny, tiny, bit of ballerina attitude ;

Tiziano Ferro

Instagram Post by Frasi Italiane 🇮🇹 (@frasiitaliane)

Luciano Ligabue

Luciano Ligabue

Non posso darti soluzioni...

Non posso darti soluzioni...

Liberati dalla paura di essere giudicata e sii la donna che hai sempre voluto essere #autostima

Freed from the fear of being judged and be the woman you always wanted to be