MaeAnto in aula

Scatti in aula e documentazione del percorso didattico con i miei alunni da settembre 2014 a partire dalla classe prima
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La Corsa al 100
La Corsa al 100
Traccio i numeri
Traccio i numeri
there are three signs hanging on the wall
Voce livelli 23
Cartellone per richiamare l'attenzione sull'uso della voce in classe.
this is an image of a bulletin board with name tags and flowers on it,
Incarichi 2019-20
several pictures of people doing different things at a table with paper and scissors on it
Armadio dei Verbi 2017
Noi siamo per la farfalla
Noi siamo per la farfalla
a piece of paper with words written in spanish and english on the bottom right corner
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two pictures with numbers and letters on them
TAPPIsione come imparare la divisione in colonna con i tappi
several photos of notebooks, pens and pencils on a table with writing paper
two children are playing with numbers and letters on the board game set up for their class
Componi e Scomponi i numeri
several photos of notebooks with writing on them, and the words questa setima abitamento tizito a catalog i nostrio
two bulletin boards that have been decorated to look like children's handprints
Lavoro ai tavoli con rotazione delle attività!
three posters are hanging on the side of a yellow wall with words written in different languages
In classe impariamo ad usare la voce...
a collage of pictures showing how to use the numbers in an activity for kids tappa e stappa le coppie del 100
two pieces of paper with red and white dots on them sitting next to some pencils
Forma uno schieramento per ogni divisione😉