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an open door leading into a room with wooden walls and flooring on both sides
Caiguoqiang Courtyard House Renovation | Studio Zhu-Pei | Archinect
an arched doorway leading to a dining room and kitchen area with black doors on both sides
Incredibile appartamento storico a Giaffa - Blogdidecorazione
an empty walkway with bars on each side and trees in the backgrouds
Copper House II // Studio Mumbai Mehr – Interior Design Addict
an open door leading into a room in the woods
Mountain Laurel Handrail: Wood Railings, Decks, Stairs
With walls of reflective glass, Los Terrenos (or The Terrains) is a residence in the forests just outside of Monterrey, Mexico that wholly embraces its surroundings by mirroring them right back. Designed by Mexico City-based architect Tatiana Bilbao...
a large mirror sitting on top of a wooden floor in front of a green forest
Tatiana Bilbao . Los Terrenos . Monterrey (2) | a f a s i aZippertravel.
an open door leading to a living room with white walls and glass doors on both sides
Een harmonie van doorgedreven details
Home Sweet Home » Een harmonie van doorgedreven details
some plants are in front of a large metal structure with a door on the side
the modern house is surrounded by tall grass and trees, with an open door leading to it
House #MC- Splitlevel in de duinen van Oostuidnkerke
the hallway is lined with wooden doors and checkered carpeted flooring on both sides
Pin on Guest room
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a chair and lamp in a room with blue carpet on the floor next to wooden paneled walls
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an open door leading into a room with concrete walls and floor to ceiling glass doors
Es de Decoración : Photo