Valentina Antollini

Valentina Antollini

Altre idee da Valentina

Origami fashion design with an asymmetric pleated structure & wrapped 3D prism shapes - creative draping; couture techniques; fabric manipulation

Sculptural Fashion with laser cut patterns & exaggerated silhouette - wearable art; creative fashion // Kamilya Kuspan

J. W. Anderson S/S12 looks like tessellated crochet to me??

Geometric Fashion - black leather dress with hexagonal tessellating pattern - fabric design; fashion details // Reinaldo Lourenço

Amy Weiks honeyruffle neckpieces

Longing beyond, necklace - Susanne Forsström - silver, copper, enamel

Contemporary Goldsmithing Online Exhibition

Breaking apart bracelet by Amy Tavern

Aude Tahon, jeune créatrice qui a réalisé des passementeries pour Chanel et Hermès, livre ici un grand col blanc en coton et polyester, fabr...

Min-ji cho - jewellery from rubber gloves