ikea hack https://scontent-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/t1/p403x403/1653694_647406611989310_768141005_n.jpg

Cat tips diy scratching post Tie sisal rope around an Expedit single shelving unit to create a scratch post and cat bed in one. 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owners Life Easier

Dolcini veloci al cocco e cioccolato - Ricetta senza cottura

Dolcini veloci al cocco e cioccolato - Ricetta senza cottura

Dolcini Dessert, Tortilla, Barrette, Coconut Bars, Nutella, Chang'e 3, Muffin, Gourmet Coffee, Pies

DIY Cat scratcher / cat furniture. Ikea hack via we-are-scout.com


Awesome zipper hair clips! #DIY #inspiration #jewelry

Zipper hair clips (No tutorial, but if you make crafts with zippers it shouldn't be too difficult to attach a zipper "design" to a barrette or hair clip plus "gemstones.

Baci di dama salati - ricetta /CUCINA CON SARA

Baci di dama salati - ricetta

cestini di polenta e lenticchie

Cestini di polenta e lenticchie, ricetta per le feste

A nice twist on Italian lucky New Year's lentils: lentils in a basket of polenta.

bastoncini di verdure

Bastoncini di verdure

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how make a cactus pincushion

How to Make a Cactus Pin Cushion 🌵

Cactus Body: Sew any two pieces of the body, starting from the bottom to the top, with blanket stitches. Sew the other two pieces up using the same method.

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