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a person holding a green bowl with chains hanging from it
Lamp made by Erhard and Söhne, Germany.
the wheels and spokes of an old fashioned wagon are shown in three different views
a person is making a miniature wheel on a green table with some wood screws
Les roues de la charrette
minimanie: Le ruote del carrello
a wooden object with a metal handle sitting on a wood table next to a pen
Forum del Presepio Elettronico Multimediale (Il primo e unico) - TUTORIAL VISIVI dalla ESPANA
a hand holding a button with the words diy miniature plates on it and several different buttons
Make Miniature Dollhouse Plates from Buttons!
Looking to make cheap and effective miniature China plates with antique designs. Well buttons could be your solution. Get rummaging in that sewing box and watch this tutorial on how to craft your own realistic plates from just printable transfers and some spare buttons. I will guide you through the process step by step along with a few other techniques so you can make your very own gorgeous dollhouse plates in 1:12 scale in no time.