Antonella Marino

Antonella Marino

Antonella Marino
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I'm sexy and I know it!!

I'm sexy and I know it!

^.^ some colours are so beautiful...

^ some colours are so beautiful.

Dreaming in my room <3

Dreaming in my room

Not perfect but however....let's try!!!  :))

Not perfect but however.

Choosing your eyeshadow colors.More on the link :)

Bright eye shadows has slowly paved its way into the style-conscious fashionistas wish list. They now eagerly flaunt eye catching makeup looks. Even the celebrities make no exception when it comes to orange eye makeup

Do I want hip bones or pizza? Um, I already have hip bones, and that doesn't mean they should protrude from my body unnaturally. So, pizza please. I can always exercise.

La grande bellezza.....

La grande bellezza.....

Now the study is interesting..... ^.^

Now the study is interesting.