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Бортики в кроватку, буквы подушки, LulaBooo

Всем доброе солнечное утро Мои хорошие, всем отвечу в течении дня Вчера устроила себе выходной На фото комплект на кроватку 140х70см.

Hot Air Balloon Mobile - Baby Child Mobile - Custom - You Pick Fabric/Color

Up, up and away! An adorable mobile for a child's room from leschnulli.

How many of us mommy's have been to a craft fair and own a wooden truck that we can't bare to throw away, yet our boys are too big too even LOOK at it anymore?! Refurbish it into this for a relative and breathe new life into it! How easy this would be! No skill required other than some basic knowledge on how to screw on a bracket and attach to your wall :D wTruck Shelf pbkids


Knitting pattern for The Plumage Set for headwrap and cowl in Toddler, Child, Adult sizes on Etsy (affiliate link) tba