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Dry-roasted Edamame with Cranberries: A nice break from nuts, edamame give this unconventional trail mix a satisfying crunch. For a shortcut, substitute cup store-bought roasted edamame for the homemade.

La mia torta di compleanno! Cioè la mia torta di compleanno che vorrei...

Hazelnut & Strawberry Celebration Cake by sevenspoons: Fluffy yellow spongecake filled with strawberry preserves, lemon zest and Swiss buttercream.

S'io fossi...

Concrete countertops bring an edgy feel to the somewhat traditional kitchen. For a look at the whole house, see Bridgehampton House. Photo by Robyn Lea for Est Magazine.


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One breadboard could be painted with chalkboard paint to write on the breadboard

Hand-Carved Tasting Spoons Remodelista

Hand-Carved Tasting Spoons

Roost Long Handle Tasting Spoons are made from six different varieties of wood. These spoons are not only practical, but bring style and elegance to the kitchen. Perfect as a utensil as well as on the wall.

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The perfect Sori Yanagi kettle. I dream of this kettle. Wish it worked on my induction stovetop.


A Cult Knife Maker in Solingen, Germany