My mom is an elementary school teacher. I have great memories of making her a costume every Halloween but not showing it to her until the morning she had to wear it to school.  She is a tea-aholic.  I'll make this costume and send it to her this year.

75 Cute Homemade Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Cupcake Cutie - 2013 Halloween Costume Contest......I want to be a cupcake this Halloween!!!!!!!

Cupcake Cutie - Halloween Costume Contest at

Easy Halloween Costume Cupcake Cutie Plastic tub w handles, Cut out bottom, Cut out bottom, Used 3 pcs of hot pink posterboard accordion folded hot glued around the bucket, .

Cool Violet from Willy Wonka Costume... Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

Cool Violet from Willy Wonka Costume

ah ah...a simple halloween dress

Coolest Homemade Grapes Costume

Homemade Grapes Costume: This grapes costume was a relatively simple costume to make. She wore a purple sweatsuit (with a hood) and I made, out of a big piece of felt from the


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